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General Surgery

At Companion Pet Clinic of Bend, we are committed to providing excellent and affordable dog and cat spay and neuter surgeries to those in Central Oregon. Our focus is to end pet overpopulation and encourage healthy pets in Bend. Therefore, we alter puppies and kittens at 5-6 months as long as they are healthy. The most obvious reason to spay or neuter your animal is to prevent adding to the pet overpopulation problem. However, there are many other benefits relating to a pet's health when spaying or neutering. By preventing pregnancy, spaying permanently eliminates a source of physical stress and pain for female animals, including complications from pregnancy or delivery of puppies or kittens. A male animal will benefit even more than a female since less testosterone can equal less trouble in your male animal. By improving a pet's health, spaying or neutering can also increase her or his life span. Best of all, altering is the first step toward preventing homelessness, and will allow a pet more opportunities to be a member of the family, an unconditional benefit for everyone.


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